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Eat 'Em

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Hyeong Rae Rho
Design Type: MACHINE

DesignTeam members: Soyon Jeong/Yonsei University, Sung Hun Kim/Yonsei University, Hyeong Rae Rho/Yonsei University 2022, the trash island in the Pacific has gotten bigger since 2012. It is now the size of continental U.S. Since most of the contents are suspended beneath the surface of the ocean, it is invisible to the naked eye. That does not mean it is not a problem. It is effecting the environment. Marine birds and animals end up swallowing the pieces of trash and end up being dead. Human eat the fish that are filled with toxins from the garbage, resulting humans to get sick. We can start reducing the garbage but what can we do about the ones already in the ocean? Imagine there is a trash collecting submarine, 'Eat em'. An unmanned trash collecting submarine. Easily cleans the ocean without harming marine animals. An energy friendly machine generated by solar power, can be the answer to the problem. While a pilot observes nearby in a 'mom' submarine by the cameras attached to the 'baby' submarines, the unmanned 'baby' submarines(eight) go to collect garbage. Like a vacuum cleaner, by using a propeller the 'baby' submarine will suck in the garbage and release the water through the back so only the garbage will remain inside. While collecting, the 'baby' will also make the collected garbage into cubes. Brings it back to the 'mom' for storage. The cube shaped garbage will take up little space and will be easier for storage. Our team focused on what kind of energy 'Eat em' was going to operate on. We did not want to use common energy since they release greenhouse gases, polluting the environment even more. Using solar panels while operating, the solar panels will float on the surface of the sea collecting sunlight. Also by using ultra sound the 'baby' submarine will find the garbage to collect but also it can avoid catching fish and other creatures living in the sea, unharming the marine animals. By this machine, we can live in a cleaner, happier environment. Team members: Soyon jeong, Sung Hun Kim, Hyeong Rae Rho