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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Concept // Smart Swimming Goggles

Smart Swimming Goggles

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Chanhee Han - Samsung Design Membership
Design Type: Concept design
Website: http://hanchanhee.com

Team Name : Samsung Design Membership Team Members : Chanhee Han(Leader), Juyoung Kim, Dhojin Han, Yoonjoo Kwon. The Smart Goggles help communication between people under the water and store memories. The front part of the goggles has various functions in underwater activities by applying it as display rather than a simple glass. The built-in GPS shows the location of fellows. When pressing the CALL button on the left side of the goggles, the display shows fellows' calling, which makes communication underwater smoother. By using the 3D camera on top of the goggles, you can save the scenes(the views you are watching under the water) you like to keep in 3D pictures like real. When pressing the SHOT button on the left side of the goggles, you can take the photos/3D images, and then you can realize the pictures taken into vivid 3D by connecting to smart phone and smart TV through Bluetooth. Also when users see fish or various seaweeds under the water in case of scuba diving or aquanautics, they can easily know what kind of organism they are through the information of the relevant organism shown on the display of the goggles based on augmented reality. As the display also shows information necessary for underwater activities like amount of oxygen, intensity and direction of water, various accidents under the water can be prevented. Through this smart goggles, activities under the water will be much freer and more pleasant.