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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Concept // Eye Stick

Eye Stick

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Design Team IIDEA (http://www.iidea.kr) - Eye Stick
Design Type: for sight-impaired persons
Company / Organization / School: Dongseo University
Website: http://www.iidea.kr
Team Members: Members of Design Team: Tae-jin Kim, Su-in Kim

"Members of Design Team : Tae-jin Kim / Dongseo University, Su-in Kim / Dongseo University" Description : There are a lot of inconvenient things in lives of blind people. They always wish that they could live normal lives. This ‘Eye stick’ is a design for blind people who aren’t guaranteed to be safe. Which way does it use? Not a long stick, as a portable and convenient design, it uses rays and ultrasonic sensors. These ultrasonic waves are scientific methods that are most reliable for distance measurement and even, rain, fog and other climate problems cannot disturb measurement of ultrasonic waves. Rays (lights) are used to prevent a collision with pedestrians and to let them know that you are blind. It measures the distance with the ground effectively through an ultrasonic system and delivers information of hazards like locations of barriers and floors, as it discovers them in advance. This will be another eye for you. Not does ‘Eye stick’ help blind people walk on the street in safety, but also plays a role of an eye for them. Users can get information of products, since it automatically scans books and reads barcodes of products through a cam scanner. This information is sent through Bluetooth after being converted into a voice. It is expected that it would help blind people go outside comfortably, by playing a role of an eye for them.