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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Product // bobble jug

bobble jug

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Mr. Karim Rashid - CEO / Co-Founder, Move Collective LLC
Design Type: General consumer goods and appliances
Website: www.waterbobble.com

Move Collective, LLC, the creators of bobble (www.waterbobble.com), the iconic, reusable, patented water bottle that filters as you drink, introduce bobble jug. Designed by Karim Rashid for Move Collective, bobble jug is a faster, smarter, sleeker reimagining of the squat, slow-filtering jugs that have hogged space in refrigerators for generations. Bobble jug was created to shake up the home filtration category. Move Collective focused on elegance and simplicity, making intelligent use of bobble jug’s frame. Bobble jug is unexpectedly slim, in part because the fully integrated handle holds water. Bobble jug’s sleek shape allows it to fit into compact refrigerator doors, while still holding the same volume as traditional bulky water jugs. The elegant appearance of bobble jug allows it to double as a stylish serving carafe. The beautiful design flows easily from fridge to table, and can be displayed as a standalone tabletop piece, to filter in style. The bobble jug is also a highly functional everyday household product. The refined design masks a feat of engineering. Standard jugs have a “second reservoir,” effectively a waiting room for water that is separate from the primary chamber. The second reservoir drains slowly and typically needs to be filled more than once, yielding a frustrating lag time before the water is available to drink. Bobble jug has no such handicap because Move Collective eliminated the second reservoir yielding a cleaner, less cluttered aesthetic. Bobble jug delivers crisp water in an instant. “Since we launched bobble, consumer reaction to its design has been magnetic,” said Richard Smiedt, founder, Move Collective, LLC. “Single-serve water bottles cause immense damage to the environment. We knew we wouldn’t wean people off them by lecturing about landfills. We needed to create something cool. Bobble was the result. We understand, now more than ever, that design matters immensely. The everyday products in our lives can be made more beautiful and more functional. When that happens, consumers will respond. We joked that the traditional water jug is like an office building from the 1970s – useful, but unattractive. It is such a common household item that it practically begged for an overhaul. So we examined the popular options and found them to be slow, clunky and oversized. We prefer faster, smarter and sleeker. Who wouldn’t?” The 64oz / 2L bobble jug is free of BPA, phthalates and PVC. Its filter is available in a range of vivid colors. Bobble jug has an activated carbon filter, which is super effective at reducing the unpleasant taste and odor of chlorine that may be found in regular municipal tap water. For best results we recommend changing bobble jug filters after approximately 2 months or 26 gallons/100 liters.