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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Product // PRIMALx7


Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: PRIMALx7 and PDT: Scott Johnson, Matt McGowan and Tim J. Morton
Design Type: Leisure, sports, health, well-being and outdoor recreation
Company / Organization / School: PDT
Website: http://www.pdt.com

It is no secret that sticking to a fitness routine is difficult. Around half of those who start an exercise routine quit, and of those who quit, most do so after just two months*. Many people who begin a fitness regimen are so out of shape or are inhibited by disabilities that they cannot physically perform some strength building exercises. This leaves them frustrated, injured and unsuccessful. By designing for a critical user- those who are not physically fit or have challenges related to disabilities- the PRx7 is revolutionizing fitness by empowering each person to take action in developing a better quality of life for themselves, their families and their communities. It approaches training from a point of success rather than failure. The PRx7, named for the 7 primal patterns of human body movement, is a modular fitness product that enables users to customize their workouts to include strength training and aerobic exercises that are achievable for users of every fitness level. The PRx7 expands human capacity to move and teaches humans to be human again by starting with the fundamentals of movement. It enables anyone to move through a full range of motion with proper form. Made from an elastic material, the bands mimic the spring back of natural rubber but offer the durability needed for daily use. By using elastic assistance to alleviate extra body weight, users can experience movements that they thought were out of their reach, removing failure from the road to healthy living. And by removing failure, the PRx7 becomes the "X" factor that has eluded the industry for decades. Modular bands offering different strengths and resistance levels safely connect and disconnect from the system via a quick release mechanism. By integrating lightweight material and overmolded touch points, the PRx7 system is designed with the end user in mind to promote a secure and easy to use interaction. The system is ready to use out of box with its easy attachment scheme to an overhead bar, inside door, or overhanging tree limb. Because the device allows a user to customize the assisted load to their preference, they are able to execute the exercises safely no matter their fitness level. This offers particular promise in the product’s unique ability to improve the health of individuals with disabilities, including veterans, as well as those who struggle with obesity. There are no gimmicks, no magic pills or huge machinery. The PRx7 gives any and everyone the ability to do the fundamental movements for muscle strengthening and conditioning that have stood the test of time like pull ups, push ups and squats. From the VA to basic training, from rehab centers to gyms and homes, this unique product promises to enable beginners and those with disabilities to engage in strength training and change their lives. *John Raglin, a psychologist in the Indiana University Bloomington Department of Kinesiology