2012 Galleries

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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Communication // Korean Dining "DADAM"

Korean Dining "DADAM"

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Ms. Dahee Kim
Design Type: Brand Identity & Application Design
Website: http://www.kimdahee.kr

Fine Dining Dadam, a high quality Korean cuisine restaurant offering the best interior design and service, has completed a new type of contemporary Korean cuisine dining by combining the traditional cultural heritage and modern design in order to apply the unique sentiment of Korean cuisine to its own identity. The original meaning of “Dadam” is foods that are sincerely made and prepared before providing them to precious guests. It now represents the pride of the best Korean cuisine restaurant which always keeps its original mindset it had in the beginning of business. The logo of Dadam was created by modernly reinterpreting the cursive script of Chinese character. Moreover, its pattern was made with the inspiration of rice straw which is a remnant stem after harvesting rice, the closest food to Korean people’s dining table. The pattern is applied to the representation of the logo and other applications’ textures, intensifying the symbolic beauty of the brand. Moreover, the ribbon of staff’s uniform was designed on the basis of the original knot of Hanbok(Korea’s traditional clothing), showing modernity and elegant beauty of Korea at the same time. Every design is created based on the principle of keeping traditional and memorable to modern people for the sake of the completion of a high quality Korean cuisine restaurant.