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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Concept // Consistent-motion Ruler

Consistent-motion Ruler

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Myeongjin Kim
Design Type: Office supplies

When drawing a line with a 15-cm small ruler or cutting a paper using a cutter knife, you have to move the ruler and then, adjust it to the existing line again for accuracy, if it’s longer than the small ruler. But it is impossible to always carry a large ruler that is over 30cm. So people should endure this inconvenience to use it. This ruler designed for solving out problems in using a small ruler is inspired by the fact that people usually press the ruler with fingers to fix it when using it, and is easily movable only with your fingers, along the existing path. It is designed to move the part of the ruler where a thumb touches along the side of it, by separating the parts meeting a thumb and a middle finger that are mainly used for pressing and fixing the ruler. Therefore, you can move the ruler easily, moving the other side of it, after pressing and fixing one side with fingers. We can be out of the danger of cutting a finger on a cutter knife a lot, only by widening the area that the blade of the knife touches, a little bit. For a precise measurement that may cause an inconvenience, because of its thickness, gradations are indicated even in the side of the ruler. How to use? 1. Move the main part of the ruler with a middle figure, pressing and fixing the sub part of it with a thumb. 2. Move the sub part of the ruler to its original position with a thumb, pressing and fixing the main part of it with a middle finger.