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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Concept // Save Sprinklers

Save Sprinklers

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Lee Sangmin Kim Ye Lim
Design Type: concept

Numbers of a fire and those of casualties due to the fire are increasing, nowadays. Under the reality like this, it is very natural that we can’t be sober when we are involved in a fire accident whose flames are spread so rapidly like a flash. We must be survived from the flames by the fire and then we must find out where the exit for emergency is located. It is very natural that, without further thinking, we are just hurrying to escape from the fire which always put us in an emergency situation. Therefore, we cannot recognize the way we are trying to escape is toward the emergency exit. Here, I want to introduce a solution to find the emergency exit without difficulty. This solution is designed to look like very simple when it is not used in normal situation, which is harmonized with other interior designs. But, in an emergency situation, its volume is slightly increased downwards and water comes out. The lights are connected one another, which illuminates to the safe emergency exit. Speaking in a more concrete way, this sprinkler holds a function to sense lights. By connecting light by light, this makes an exit from the fire flames. This leads us to the way to the emergency exit by connecting its lighting to it, as it provides us a real road. Team Members: Lee sanmin & Kim ye Lim / Hoeso University