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Pin Button

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Jung Kiho & Jang Mingyeong - Pin Button
Design Type: Concept

We often get flustered when button is fallen off the shirt, and we don't have needle and tread in hand. Existing buttons cannot be put on without needle and tread, To solve this problem, this design shows a new type of button that can be easily put on using the pin of button, even when there is no needle and tread. Pin Button is composed of plastic button at the top and bottom and a metal pin. The top button has a same shape with exising button. The hole of bottom button fixes the metal pin. The metal pin shapes like a staple. Push the button through the cloth, then bend the edge of pin and fix it. The Pin Button will be fixed on the shirt. You can keep the Pin Button on the tag of clothes to put on button at any time. Like the additional buttons put on the tag, you can fix pin button on the tag and take it when the button is fallen off.