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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Product // Smartstreets-Cyclepark™


Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Mr. Andrew Farish and Chris Garcin - Founders
Design Type: Transformational bike parking equipment
Company / Organization / School: Smartstreets Ltd
Website: http://www.smartstreets.co.uk

Cities, campuses and other shared spaces often experience problems with random, unauthorized bicycle parking and bicycle theft. People usually lock their bike as close as possible to their destination and use a sign post, railing or lamp post in the absence of an official bike parking facility. The Smartstreets-Cyclepark™ enables local authorities to increase official bike parking opportunities without adding clutter to the street scene, transforming existing sign posts into secure bike parking for two bicycles. A new class of bike park that looks good, is easy to find, easy to use and significantly increase safety on busy walkways where space is limited by stopping chained bikes collapsing into trip hazards. The Smartstreets-Cyclepark™ enables creation of networks of convenient bicycle parking facilities across urban areas in a very short space of time, without detriment to the street aesthetic. The Cyclepark™ can be used to identify cycle routes, is sponsor friendly, and encourages a greener form of transport to reduce traffic and emissions in urban areas. Cycleparks™ can significantly reduce bike theft. It fits in minutes using special security bolts and offers safe, stable bicycle parking for two bikes. Other versions are available for walls, railings and bollards to deliver a consistent facility wherever needed. Cycleparks are made to order in stainless steel, can be RAL colour matched and can be specified to fit any size post or structure. Cycleparks™ promote and facilitate a more sustainable form of transport and enable cleaner, tidier, better functioning urban street scenes.