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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Concept // Flat World

Flat World

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Tadashi Tamura
Design Type: Architecture

Japan will be faced with problem of large decrease in population. Then immigrants from abroad must be accepted in the future to keep economical level of now. By the way, we caused serious nuclear energy accident and it needs thorough review on energy strategy. Because of lack of resources in our country, a lot of importing new energy resource from other countries will increase. On these social backgrounds, I switch the main direction for use of Haneda AIRPORT from domestic line to international line, and plan “terminal for human and physical distribution” in the future. From which country to which country? People, VIP, belongings and cargo... all stuffs are standing on the flat same plane equally. This homogeneous plane is always changing along the diagram of airplanes and media display on the floor. As architectural proposal, movable louvers of the roof and small slopes on the floor cause irregular situation. These elements make dynamic landscape. Boarding on the airplanes directly from layered terminal would be new experience for passengers. Visible physical distribution will serve as a warning to city life which far from source of supply. This project refers to information technology to be architecture in next generation. Slab structure with grid has adjustable units and this system guarantee freedom planning, of course perfect function of airport such as customs, immigration, and quarantine. This new model is far from current world airports like a theme park which have almost all functions of city such as hotel, spa, and restaurants. Moving of people creates new spaces at each second and adaptability brings real sustainability to Architecture and world.