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Galleries // 2012 Spark:Product // Wikipad Tablet and Gaming Console

Wikipad Tablet and Gaming Console

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Ravi Sawhney
Design Type: Entertainment
Company / Organization / School: RKS
Website: www.rksdesign.com

With both market penetration and sales of mobile games exceeding those of traditional console and PC games, it is clear that mobile gaming has exploded. More and more game developers are setting their sights on mobile platforms, and the number of fully-featured console-quality games available for mobile is increasing. However, the playability of many games is hampered by awkward translations of gamepad controls to touch screen. The Wikipad is the first tablet on the market designed to meet the requirements of gamers, bringing media to life in their hands. Wikipad celebrates video games as art as well as entertainment, and combines a thin high-end tablet with a svelte ergonomic gaming controller. The handheld experience is crucial to gamers, and the Wikipad is designed to provide the highest levels of comfort, ergonomics, haptic feedback, and control. Constructed from durable lightweight plastics, the controller feels surprisingly light to hold, reducing fatigue during long gaming sessions. The back of the Wikipad tablet has a rectangular ridge to provide a secure grip on the tablet, while also elevating it off of flat surfaces to improve audio quality of the built-in stereo speakers. The tablet and controller are designed to mate seamlessly and securely, while also separating quickly and easily. Moving away from finicky Bluetooth controllers, the Wikipad is a refreshing gaming experience for tablet devices. The thirty-pin direct connection between the tablet and the controller helps gamers focus on gaming hard, rather than worrying about propping up their tablets. Soft-touch finishes are located on the back of the tablet and the grips of the controller, and act as a safeguard while handling and playing with the Wikipad. The buttons and triggers on the controller are chrome-plated, a durable finish which contrasts with the satin black controller to communicate Wikipad’s premium build. The Wikipad provides full tablet functionality using the latest version of Google’s Android mobile operating system. Additionally, the Wikipad Portal, a custom built widget, sits on each tablet’s home screen. The software allows gamers to discover the newest games available, and promotes games that take advantage of the gaming controller. The Wikipad Portal also acts as a shortcut to games that have already been downloaded by the user. All in all, the Wikipad is the world's leading enterprise tablet combined with the world’s most ergonomically designed gamepad controller. Working has never been easier and playing never so much fun. Work Hard. Game Hard. Wikipad.