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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Concept // Tool Box Ladder

Tool Box Ladder

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Ms. Min Ji Kim
Design Type: Equipment
Company / Organization / School: Keimyung University

This ladder is easy to use and to carry. In general, when we use a ladder and a tool, we need to use these two things at the same time, like a needle and thread. Therefore, we must carry the two equipments together when we move. Since we need to move the two objects, the manpower that a user consumes and the hassle will be doubled. But this TOOL BOX LADDER has a merit of saving the man power to carry the ladder and solving the hassle caused as the ladder and the tool box are separated. And a user must carry the tool box with him when climbing a ladder. Or there are two objects: a ladder and a tool box are separated. So when the worker needs to replace a tool after climbing a ladder, he must do the placement himself if there is no assistant Comparing the case when the user climbs down the ladder and another case when he climbs down the ladder with the tool box, we can see that the latter case is relatively higher in the probability of an accident. But the TOOL BOX LADDER has a tool box and a ladder combined, so we can use it conveniently. We need only 3 steps to use it, which can shorten the action process of the user. The TOOL BOX LADDER is easily moved through the handle and the wheels built into. We can move it as if we drew a carrier. We can unfold or fold the 3-step ladder depending