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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Communication // 50s News Gift Paper

50s News Gift Paper

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Ms. Jesvin Yeo - Creative Director
Design Type: Posters
Company / Organization / School: Nanyang Technological University
Website: https://www.designingculturesstudio.com/

The 50s news-gift paper is a gift-wrapping paper that belongs to the unique line of Singapore Chinatown-themed merchandises – contemporary appearance with traditional contents. It is bright, eye-catching, and comes in the form of a newspaper with 8pps in total. Inspired by the past where seller used old newspaper to wrap retail goods. The 50s news-gift paper uses 1950s newspaper as the base to relate the past to the present, as the stories and news of Singapore lives in the past are important sources of identity and enable us to explore and understand the past. By overlaying bright big auspicious Chinese words – Fu (luck), Lu (status), Shou (longevity), Cai (wealth), Fu (prosperity), Le (happiness), Ji (auspiciousness), and Xi (double happiness) – on the old newspapers in a typographic manner, the 50s news-gift paper is a mixture of tradition and contemporary features to offer an alternative for people who are looking for fun, unique and well designed wrapper. It can be for a gift, keepsake, a special giveaway or act as posters. The 50s news-gift paper also allows locals and foreigners to have a quick view into the news and advertisements of the past. It hopes to bring out reminiscent feelings to connect people to our past, as it is always valuable to understand our history in a small way. Moreover it is a design that allows foreigners to understand the meaning of these Chinese auspicious words.