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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Concept // Orgel Toothbrush

Orgel Toothbrush

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Ms. Jeong Shin Yoon
Design Type: hygienic goods
Company / Organization / School: Hanyang University

Most children hate brushing their teeth. Therefore, parents have to face war against their children 3 times a day while having to brush children’s teeth. Parents will become more repressive towards their children during this process, and once this situation repeats, children will become more stressed and their resistance towards brushing their teeth will become greater. In order to end this vicious cycle, ‘Orgel toothbrush’ is suggested for children who hold repulsion about brushing their teeth. ‘Orgel toothbrush’ is presented in a form of integration between orgel and toothbrush, and it differs from previous toothbrush by the fact that it will encourage children, who hate brushing their teeth, to start taking interest in tooth brushing. ‘Orgel toothbrush’ is divided into 3 major parts as it consists of a toothbrush, timer, and an orgel. The timer allows for users to check how much time has passed, so it helps children brush their teeth on their own. In the orgel part, songs flow out for 3 minutes so a pleasant environment is provided for children while they brush their teeth. Accordingly, once children use Orgel toothbrush, they realize the pleasure of tooth brushing and heightened effect of children brushing their teeth voluntarily can be expected.