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Galleries // 2013 Spark:App // Questimate!


Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:App
Designer: Motion Math
Design Type: iPad Educational Game
Company / Organization / School: Motion Math
Team Members: Jacob Klein, Co-founder, Motion Math Gabriel Adauto, Co-founder, Motion Math Derek Lyons, Lead Game Developer, Motion Math Coram Bryant, Head of Data and Analytics, Motion Math Soedarsono, Game Developer, Motion Math

The problem: Estimation and measurement are crucial math skills, and very difficult to teach on the chalkboard; skillful estimation comes from lots of practice with real world problems. Our goal was a fun learning game to facilitate engaged practice. Insight: Kids love being in control, and they love to create. (The excitement we saw at a local MakerFaire affirmed this.) Most learning games, and most math classroom activities, assign content and don’t empower children to decide what they will learn. Design: Our solution is the first game ever where players make their own questions. Questimate’s unique game mechanic allows players to choose between various phrases to formulate a question, following their own curiosity. This process of creation increases the player’s engagement, their desire to estimate correctly, and their interest in exploring the real answer. Questimate contains four diverse quests: Amazing Animals, Need for Speed, GeoOdyssey, and the History of Awesome. How many giraffes would be as tall as the Statue of Liberty? When was the invention of the bicycle? How big is Russia compared to Brazil? There’s thousands of fascinating questions to create, estimate, share, and explore. Two other noteworthy features that make Questimate fun for the whole family: - Three different forms of answer entry: a slider, a calculator, and a “picture pincher” that allows the player to directly manipulate the relative sizes of pictures. - By touching the “Really?!” button, players can learn more about an answer or see the web source for the information.