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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Concept // Seeing Sounds

Seeing Sounds

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Ms. Oh Yukyung
Design Type: Speaker
Company / Organization / School: Jeju National University
Website: http://facebook.com/560oo

"Seeing Sounds" has the two meaning "see" and "sound" combined which means a sounds you can see. Seeing sounds is not just listening to music but being able to look at the optical effect that is brought up. The detailed concept of this work is 'Levitation speaker using superconductivity phenomenon'. According to the vibration size, each unit moves by levitation due to superconductivity. The high and low of various sounds is matched for movement, and directs an optical effect and lighting effect mood with the speaker itself. In the water impact from the water drop, a morphological motive idea was found. A freedom called music is found from a form of nature. The speaker's center, woofer, is located in the very lowest water impact shape form and the units of water drop form are places above it in order. Each represent mid-range/ tweeter/ mid-range. The biggest role from the technical things is superconducting device. The superconducting device uses electromagnets which provides a small amount of electricity to form a strong magnetic field. This allows levitation of units through each magnet as room temperature superconductivity being prerequisite, and allows wireless charging by each unit through magnetic resonance method for charging method. For the sounds signal's deliverance, airplay function is used to receive sounds signals in direct without being connected to internet network. As a speaker that moves by itself, in difference with the speaker with liquidity that was previously emerged, it is basically speaker design of attention.