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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Communication // Phone Booths & Mailboxes

Phone Booths & Mailboxes

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Michael Vanderbyl - Principal
Design Type: Brochure
Company / Organization / School: Vanderbyl Design
Team Members: Malin Reedijk Ric Carrasquillo Steve Delfino

Phone Booths & Mailboxes is one of a series of books developed by Teknion to examine the multiple forces reshaping the modern workplace. Prior volumes explored the concept of collaboration, now an essential work practice, as well as the changes wrought by a new generation of workers who seek new kinds of work environments—and to whom technology is second nature. With Phone Booths & Mailboxes, Teknion takes a closer look at the pervasive use of digital tools in the office, and specifically, at how mobile technologies have fundamentally changed the way people work now. Our research suggests that the ability to connect and work anytime and anywhere now requires that we rethink the form, function and meaning of the workplace. The design of the book is meant to engage the reader and to clarify the concepts set forth in the text. Phone Booths & Mailboxes employs whimsical illustrations that recall the witty style of The New Yorker magazine, bringing lightness and humor to the subject—an approach often overlooked as a means of enriching serious content. The design also enhances readability by using large typography to highlight significant ideas, issues or insights. Thus, the substance of the book is evident, even given a cursory reading. In sum, Phone Booths & Mailboxes is designed to render a sophisticated discussion both accessible and engaging; to offer an intellectual experience that will be meaningful and rewarding for a wide variety of readers.