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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Experience // HTC Zoe & Video Highlights

HTC Zoe & Video Highlights

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: David Folchi - UX Design Lead
Design Type: Mobile
Company / Organization / School: HTC America Innovation
Team Members: David Folchi, UX Design Lead Jorge Furuya, UX Design Cassy Meyers, UX Design Dave Brinda, Creative Director Koa Metter, Visual Design

For the Sense 5.0 release, the HTC UX imaging team set out to make the mobile camera experience simpler and more delightful. To do this, we first needed to solve one of the common pain points that users reported – that they often missed the exact moment they were trying to capture. Zoe capture mode takes the guess work out of the process; when the user presses the camera shutter, Zoe capture records 20 still photos (including pre-capture still photos) and a 3-second video, creating a living, emotional memory. These living memories are all added to an enhanced Gallery from which the user can view and share immediately. We also wanted to take the complexity and intimidation factor out of editing video on a smart phone. We did this by creating a feature that composes videos automatically. As the user shoots videos, stills, and Zoes of an event, the Video Highlights engine compiles the content, selects highlights, and applies a visual theme and audio soundtrack to create a 30-second video. The user can shuffle the contents and apply a different theme if they wish, or share the video right away with the push of a button. With Zoe and Video Highlights, users can stay focused on experiencing their special occasions, knowing whatever they capture with the HTC One camera is going to look great.