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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Concept // Alarm Glasses for Deaf

Alarm Glasses for Deaf

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Sangjin Joo
Design Type: Electronics
Company / Organization / School: DESIS at UNIST
Team Members: Mr. Juntae Kim

Deaf people have a hard time walking the roads. Because they can’t hear what’s approaching from the side or rear, they always have to be aware of the danger. When crossing the road for example, the deaf won’t be able to hear the cars horn sound coming from the blind side that tells him he is walking in the red light sign. So we wanted to design a device that can solve these kinds of problems. The key idea was to notify the user whenever there’s a big sound, such as car horn, shouting sound, phone alarm. The method of notifying has two ways. The first method is to make sound into visual animation. By differential of the color and the wave movement, user can know whether this sound is alarming of not. Red, for example can be used for big volume sounds, indicating the danger of the sound and yellow can be used when the volume is lower. The user will receive this animation as an extra sensor to “see sound”. And the second method is to give a vibration on the rear of the glasses side. By that, the user will be more cognitive to receive the alarm that’s been given by the glasses. Of course, the sound is received to the mike that’s located at the side of the glasses.