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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Experience // StoryGarden by AmorePacific

StoryGarden by AmorePacific

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: Mrs. Carmel Lewis - Vice President, Executive Producer
Design Type: Experience Design
Company / Organization / School: BRC Imagination Arts / Client: AmorePacific
Team Members: Christian Lachel, Vice President, Senior Creative Director Bob Rogers, Founder & Chief Creative Officer

Visitors to Korea’s premiere skin care brand AmorePacific’s new Beauty Campus factory and R&D center, enter through a botanical garden populated with fine art. A striking dichotomy, the ‘garden as factory’ conveys immediately the heart of a company rooted in nature’s wisdom. The objective of Story Garden (10,000sf) is to transform the concept of the factory tour and raise expectations of brand visitor experiences by making the message about the visitors and employees and customers than the company. 10,000sf across 3 floors 13 month Design/Build Schedule Scope: Story Development, Exhibit design, facility design, technology design, fabrication, interactive design, media production, installation, integration and programming Methodology - Tell meaningful stories o Humble beginnings in mother’s kitchen o Dedication to quality and ingredients found in nature o Helping make a healthier, happier society - Connect the factory to its roots in a garden - Place guest in Story - Every design decision must support the Theme – Beauty is a gift that can transform our world. - Use of original scored music in each gallery that underscores Story - A singular visual motif with deep Story resonance – the Camellia - Personalized gift for each visitor - Digital interactive where guest becomes part of the Story - Personify the 5 core employee values with immersive and interactive art installations that invite curiosity, reflection, and wonder. - Intense collaboration between designer/producer and AMOREPACIFIC divisions, including Design, Research & Development, Archives, Culture Team. Designed, created, and produced by BRC Imagination Arts in collaboration with AMOREPACIFIC.