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Saving Pack

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Joonho Yoon
Design Type: Packaging
Company / Organization / School: Hanyang University
Team Members: -

1. Environmental issue : 'Saving pack' can save needless part of usual milk cartons, 12%. Through the 12% of saved tree resources, in Korea we can save 20 tons of milk cartons everyday, 120,000 tissues or 6,000 dollars can be made for everyday. (about 30 cents / 1Kg of used milk cartons) in Korea, 180 tons of cartons are made for 40 millions, and we save 20tons. in USA, 1,440 tons would be produced for 320 millions. can save 170tons per day. 2. Design issue : Among the same shape of milk products, gable top type, 'Saving pack's design can be a great marketing source by its differentiated exterior design. And because it has been 50 years for carton's shape hasn't changed, 'Saving pack' would surely can draw customer's attention. 3. Realistic possibility : The 'Saving pack' is thoroughly focused on realistic possibility. Most of all, I find out the international standards of Tetra pack sizes and the processing method of making. The reason I find the standards is to make the milk companies get interesting on 'Saving pack', easy to make and only simple changes. And I could make a planar figure and prototypes of 'Saving pack', so I contacted the technicians working in milk factory. With controlling the numerical values of folding and sealing machine, 'Saving pack' can be produced academically. To make a well made concept, I worked many days for many details of 'Saving pack', and I calculated the extent of attaching part and preventing the water leaks of course.