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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Concept // Timer Cap

Timer Cap

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Jin Won Heo - DCENTER
Design Type: office supplies
Company / Organization / School: Dongseo University
Website: http://www.decter89.com
Team Members: Da Som Kim

(Team Members : Da Som Kim / Dongseo University) Examinees should continue to check the remaining time, and cannot actually feel how much time they have left, whenever they solve problems during the precious examination time. This timer cap and ball-point pen for examinees was designed to settle this problem. This helps examinees check the remaining time conveniently and quickly, without the need to use watches. You can manage the exam time and practice taking the exam thoroughly, since you can control time in the timer of Timer Cap, using the spring which is pushed into again, when you pull it upwards manually. Besides, the color of the timer changes every twenty minutes so you can check the time left, visually. Once time is up, it informs an examinee of it, with a “clang". Timer Cap consists of two kinds: a cap type to put into a pencil, and a ball-point pen type, so you can use it appropriately, depending on writing supplies to use for the exam or exam practice. Moreover, it is convenient to prepare for the exam, because you don’t need to wear a watch additionally, if you have this Timer Cap.