2013 Galleries

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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Mr. Teddy Aang - Director
Design Type: Branding / Identity
Company / Organization / School: FullFill
Website: http://fullfillisme.com
Team Members: Jagat Natha Prawira, Gerson Gilrandy

It is clear that the biggest challenge in this project is to "please everyone". With a number of different audience types to target, a sharp branding suit will be a tough one to create. Especially with the location of the coffee shop, where most potential customers are not yet used to the concept of a stand-alone coffee shop, we need something to invite them into the store. We approached this challenge through a multi-layered communication, by addressing: 1. The stereotype 2. The personalities 3. Education ... All wrapped in a friendly, easy to digest package. The stereotype we approached was through the logo, a cup of lightning bolt, suggesting it a cup of drink to jolt you, in this instance, coffee. And the personalities we created through mascots with varying personalities that most people will be able to relate to, and these characters share the same passion: a good cup of coffee. Education is very important in terms of raising the awareness of the more general audience to understand more about coffee, brewing types, and its culture to encourage them to be more explorative when it comes to coffee