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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Manuel Perez Prada - Creative Director
Design Type: spray bottle
Company / Organization / School: Ziba Munich
Website: http://www.smal.de

Pure is a refillable spray bottle. It challenges the status quo by rethinking the aesthetic and functional design of a spray bottle from ground up. Many existing cleaning solutions utilize bright colors & mostly decorative details. On the contrary, Pure taps into the core motivation behind cleaning: the quest to achieve purity. An iconic and soft base shape complemented by a few necessary contrasting details and the bold use of white characterizes the design and emphasizes purity. In doing so, Pure differentiates itself from the masses and stands out by actually being less – less color, fewer details and quite importantly, less waste. Pure is designed to be refillable in part because more than 95% of the cleaner itself is made up of water. Simply fill Pure with tap water and add one of the compact concentrate pills. An innovative lever, which is part of the main body, utilizes flexible plastic to avoid having several parts and mechanical joints. This iconic detail together with the cylindrical body shape supports the overall minimal design. It stands out in the store environment, surrounded by mostly highly detailed and “dynamic” shapes. The top outlet rotates to switch between three modes: off, spray and squirt. With its curved and precise lines and details, the outlet creates an interesting contrast to the overall shape of the bottle. Additional indicator elements on the outlet ring provide visual and tactile feedback as to which mode is selected. Pure is a refillable spray bottle, rethought and very much improved.