2013 Galleries

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Galleries // 2013 Spark:Space // Studio_R


Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Mr. Marcio Kogan - Architect
Design Type: Spaces
Company / Organization / School: StudioMK27
Website: www.studiomk27.com.br
Team Members: marcio kogan gabriel kogan carolina castroviejo maria cristina motta mariana simas oswaldo pessano

The façade, an aluminum gate is recessed into the concrete binding, integrating the front patio with the square; further, two large swinging metal gates – each more than 11 meters wide – permit fluidity between the gardens and the open space of the studio. Opened, these gates make all visual barriers between internal and external space disappear. Closed, they allow the light in the Photography Studio to be controlled artificially. In the ground floor, there is a green box, where we have the dressing room and the technical area. In this space, there is no interference of the structure, which is built into the side walls of the building. Behind the box, the stairs – lighted by a skylight – leads to the first floor, where we find the offices and the library. A volume with metallic material organizes all the space on this floor, separating the rooms and corridors. On this floor there is a kitchen the lavatories and the stairs that lead to the top floor. The negative of this volume is the work rooms which can be opened or closed through sliding panels. In the main office a fixed musharabi panel filters the light, while simultaneously opening a beautiful view of the large trees in the square. On the top floor, there is a social room positioned over the front garden. This space opens onto a deck where you can once again see the tree tops:a pleasant space.