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AUGUST Smart Lock

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:App
Designer: Mr. Yves Behar - Founder & Chief Designer
Design Type: App Design
Company / Organization / School: August & fuseproject
Website: http://www.fuseproject.com

Humanity has been carrying keys, sharp pieces of metal in our pockets, for 200 years…it's time we think of something else. The August Smart Lock was designed to re-imagine how we interact with our homes by offering a secure, yet “open door” experience even in urban environments. The August system consists of an attractive smart lock device that installs on the interior side of existing deadbolts, and a mobile app that allows authorized users to access the property. The existing deadbolt can still be unlocked with a physical key, and the lock can still be opened and closed by hand from the inside. You can specify exactly when individual visitors will have access to your home, and you can disable a visitor’s access at any time. The August Smart Lock re-examines all aspects of the traditional lock system, delivering more security and user friendliness than any other. Whereas traditional keys are easy to lose and copy, keypad codes can be easily shared, and biometrics are expensive and a challenge to install, the smart lock is a beautifully designed, easy to install, sociable device accompanied by a single mobile app that runs on your smartphone. The August Smart Lock is designed to give users a safe, simple, and social way to share access to their home while also aiming to blur the lines between Home Automation and Home Decor. A virtual doorman, the August Smart Lock is a beautiful solution that safely changes the relationship between a home and its community. www.august.com