2014 Galleries

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Galleries // 2014 Spark:Screen // WORLD LAB - Safety & Security

WORLD LAB - Safety & Security

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Screen
Designer: Sawoozer Wang - Director
Design Type: Motion
Company / Organization / School: +AKITIPE STUDIOS
Team Members: Co-Director : Lance Ni Producer : John Ou Concept Artist : Camille Kuo / Neven Hsu / Sylvia Chen / Tom Yi Graphics Design : Niven mo / Walt Wang CG Team Supervisor : Juin Chang / Ralph Waniek CG Artist : Juin Chang / Lance Ni / Neven Hsu / Tom Yi / Sylvia Chen / Andrew Augustyniak / Andy Zimirski / CG Assistant : Ric Hung / Jyouanmi Chen Music & sound design Zelig Sound Rendering FOX Renderfarm Special thanks 13 Studio / Artery Vision / Evermotion

''The World Lab'' Series shows the evolutionary process of industries through a visualization of elements unique to each specific industry. The laboratory concept symbolizes the power of Taiwan's research and innovation. Safety & Security The visual design of this video draws upon ideas of surveillance, control and safety, which are standards that Taiwan’s security industry consistently achieves.The robot’s design is inspired by shell creatures to help create an image of safety and protection.