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Galleries // 2014 Spark:Concept // Medical Assist Band

Medical Assist Band

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Hoon Yoon
Design Type: Communication device
Company / Organization / School: Korea University

Elderly customers who visit the hospital administration have a tendency of having communicative problem with a counselor or a helper due to their lack of communication skiills and their impatient behaviors. Hence, occasionally there are some troubles that the elderly customers don't recognize or understand any counselor's saying. Consequently most of these kinds of arguments are ended up with so much stress for both sides. In consideration of these problems, I designed "Medical Assist Band", which intend a core value: verifying the medical payment record by printer pad and assisting their communication skills by guide band with pictograms based on their medical record. Consequently, the elderly customers using this device can experience the better way of taking care of their business by simply printing out their payment bills from the printer pad anytime without visiting desk. Aside from that benefits, in case of having conversation with a counselor, they can easily communicate with her by the medical guide band from the record receipt of the printer pad. And the elderly customer can take advantage of a medical guide band as a bracelet after tearing off from the record receipt for the purpose of easier communication. As a result, it will be helpful for themselves to take care of their business in new ways of time-saving or shortening procedure.