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Galleries // 2014 Spark:Space // Cine Times

Cine Times

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Ajax Ling Kit Law - Directors
Design Type: Cinema
Company / Organization / School: One Plus Partnership Limited
Website: http://www.onepluspartnership.com
Team Members: Virginia Lung Wai Ki

The 21st century opens a gateway to the new era of modern technologies and innovations. With the widespread of 3D and even 4D high definition movies available on global market, the old method of filming has gone scarce, if not extinct. When thinking of the theme for this cinema, the designers want to trace back to the roots when filmmaking began. Back in the 19th century, photographers captured continual images and stored them on a single compact reel of film. This ancient object – roll films, was being symbolized all over the cinema, reminding the audience the long forgotten history behind the scene. Above head hangs special-designed LED spotlights of eight various lengths in black, ranging from 1-6m aiming at different directions. Light and shadows fulfil every corner; one might have mistaken it as the shooting spot of the newest film. Audience might fall into the illusion of fantasizing s/he is the lead actor/actress in a romantic comedy. Down on the ground, the floor resolve to the original state of roll films, black being the principal color. Grey stripes cut the black space into different geometric shapes and sizes, contrary to the rectangles on the wall, giving the design a frolicsome note. Inside the auditorium, spotlights of different lengths are directing all over the perimeter. They intersect along the wall, which creates an additional multidimensional atmosphere, hoping to provide the movie goers a warm and comfy viewing environment.