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Galleries // 2014 Spark:Concept // Dae Cheong

Dae Cheong

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Sang min Lee
Design Type: Air conditioner
Company / Organization / School: University of Seoul

'Dae cheong' is an air conditioner with an empty space at an upper part of the main body, where the wind flows. This design was originally inspired by Dae cheong, which is one of the traditional Korean architectural styles. Dae cheong allows the wind to pass through the interior of the house for people to enjoy cool air during summer. Even though the concept of ‘Dae Cheong’ is based on characteristics of traditional Korean architectures, its Minimalism design makes it modern. Moreover, in an effort to emphasize on the natural, oriental, and modern characteristics of “Dae-cheong” I have included tree as nature components to create impression of Zen style When the power of ‘Dae cheong’ is off, as all wings and doors are closed and displays are out, it adds to its very simple and minimal characteristics. When the power turns on, the front doors are flipped over, its air-intake at the bottom open—adding glimpse of Kinetic Façade—, and displays in the middle lights on. After this operation, the air conditioner appears to be ‘Dae-Cheong’ which is defined as a space where the wind passes through. In a small product, ‘Dae Cheong’ provides architectural openness and coolness to its users.