2014 Galleries

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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: Mr. Thejo Kote - Chief Executive Officer
Design Type: Vehicles
Company / Organization / School: Automatic Labs
Website: http://www.h3ocommunications.com
Team Members: Jerry Jariyasunant, Ljuba Miljkovic

Automatic is an iPhone app that pairs with the Automatic Link, a tiny piece of intelligent hardware, connecting your smartphone to your car’s onboard computer when you drive. Not just for the tech savvy or car obsessed parent, Automatic has an array of amazing features: -Parking Reminders: Automatic always knows where they parked the car, helping them find it again easily. -Crash Alerts: If they’re ever in a crash, Automatic alerts emergency services with their location. It can even contact you and your loved ones to let you know what happened and that help is on the way. -A Drive Score: Automatic gives them personalized feedback on their driving with their weekly drive score on a scale from 0-100. The drive score is based on metrics shown to increase fuel efficiency and safety, like braking and accelerating smoothly. A high score could save them hundreds on gas every year. -Engine Health Notifications: Automatic connects with their car’s computer whenever they drive and can tell them why that “check engine” light came on. It can decode the problem and in many cases offer a solution. The app even lets them clear the light themselves and save a trip to the mechanic. -A Trip Timeline: The Automatic app displays detailed information about where they go and how much gas it costs to get there. It shows them the actual MPGs they achieve for all their trips, even for older cars that don’t display fuel efficiency on the dashboard.