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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Mr. Wenbo Ma
Design Type: General consumer goods and appliances
Company / Organization / School: Changwon National University
Website: http://www.mawenbo.com

Batwing is a rain shelter device installed on top of the bus door, which can be opened together with the door. The inspiration of design originated from the bat wing and the structural of Chinese traditional folding fan. This device mainly consists of two parts. The upper part is fixed on top of the bus door. The two sides of the built-in plastic film are fixed in two plates. The bottom part can conduct arc motion via the fixed point on the left side, and open the plastic film. After being fully opened, this device will form a semicircle umbrella. Hence, when passengers are getting on the bus in the rainy days, they will not get wet by the rain. Batwing’s controller is linked to the driver’s cab directly, and it can be opened and closed in synchronization with the bus door. When it’s raining, the driver only needs to press the start button – the only control button – to attach Batwing to the bus door. Then, Batwing will be able to be controlled automatically via the opening and closing of the door. As Batwing is controlled automatically, it will not increase the operation burden of the driver. When rain stops or during the sunny days, the driver can press the stop button to disable this device. Then, Batwing will be detached from the bus door.