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Galleries // 2015 Spark:Communication // Vanishing Crafts

Vanishing Crafts

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Communication
Designer: Jesvin Yeo
Design Type: Book Design
Company / Organization / School: Designing Cultures Studio
Website: https://www.designingculturesstudio.com/
Team Members: Illustrator: Quek Tengwan Research Team: Cheng Yuhui, Lee SinLi, Cheryl Tan, Denise Koh and Audrey Yang

This publication embraces an immersive, shared parent-child reading experience. Besides being a storybook about traditional Chinese crafts. It comes with a parents’ companion that allows parents to understand tradition crafts better so they can engage and share the values of those voices while reading the storybook. The children storybook, Vanishing Crafts, is printed both-sided which allows readers to have either an English or a Chinese storybook, by flipping on either side. It is the longest Children’s storybook in Singapore measuring 5.5 meters in length. The reading companion, Vanishing Wisdom + Memory, is designed as a folded publication. It is printed with low-density paper so it will curl overtime naturally and become a ‘folded and creased’ book, which signifies the less popular traditional crafts. Yet the front edge shows a perfectly straight edge when the book is folded, to project the perfection of craftsmanship. The five colors of the open spine denote the life of the craftsmen: sourness, sweetness, bitterness, spiciness, saltiness. Vanishing Wisdom + Memory also invites the readers to partake as a co-creator. The pages are designed with lots of blank space for readers to document their memories and photographs of these vanishing traditional trades.