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Galleries // 2015 Spark:Product // InterferenceHunter


Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Raphael Hebert - Director of Industrial Design
Design Type: Commercial/Industrial
Company / Organization / School: IDE Incorporated
Website: www.219design.com
Team Members: Tem Kuechle, David Diepersloot, John Fertig, Jon Moriconi

The InterferenceHunter is a modular mobile system used to discover and map the specific sources of cellular and wi-fi network interferences. This system helps all of our smartphones and tablets work better and faster. The typical usage involves walking around the building with an analyzer on the shoulderstrap, and pointing the antenna in different directions. By holding down the trigger and pointing the handle, an interference map is created in real time, and also recorded for future analysis. By giving the technician immediate feedback, they can focus on specific interferences and create a more detailed map. This system includes three main components: The InterferenceHunter GPS handle with built in compass, the BiBlade Antenna, and the Bandpass Filter. Several different antennas and filters are quickly interchangeable, depending on the types of networks being analyzed.