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Galleries // 2015 Spark:Cause // Forget-me-not



Competition: Spark:Cause
Designer: Mari Veldsman - Graphic Designer (Student)
Design Type: Flower branding model
Company / Organization / School: Cape Peninsula University of Technology

“Forget-me-not helped me to understand branding in a natural way.” The emerging young entrepreneurs in the South African townships struggle to get financial and business support due to the misperceptions that are caused by the Apartheid era. These entrepreneurs follow a hand-to-mouth business model and a lack of branding and branding knowledge only exacerbate a lack of interest by funders and investors, which restricts their businesses from growing. A lack of resources and finances to pay a graphic designer for branding cause the entrepreneurs in the townships to brand themselves, but a lack of branding knowledge influences their way of thinking about all the branding elements, which causes them to have an unsuccessful and unprofessional business identity. Research uncovered that it is vital to keep these entrepreneurs’ township identity, while equipping these creatives with branding information. Biomimicry was used to develop a flower branding model (Forget-me-not), where the natural features of a flower was emulated in order to educate these entrepreneurs on branding. Flowers use a very effective branding strategy to attract potential pollinators to visit them including colour, shape, scent, patterns and electric fields (See the description below the second image which explains the flower branding model).