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Galleries // 2015 Spark:Space // Double Happiness @ Harbour City 2015

Double Happiness @ Harbour City 2015

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Space
Designer: Andy Tong - Managing Director
Design Type: Event Decoration
Company / Organization / School: Andy Tong Interior Ltd.
Website: http://www.andyinteriors.com

“囍” is well-known among Westerners about its good fortune symbolism and design. The theme of this Chinese New Year design is “sharing happiness with our loved ones”. Reddish orange is chosen as the main tone while the Chinese character “囍” (double happiness) is the heart of the design. The most impressive element of decoration is the “double happiness” archway which is over 20-foot tall. There is also an 80-foot long “happiness corridor” along the forecourt, formed by 5 sets of 3-dimensional “double happiness” screens. Decorated with various traditional Chinese patterns, the entire design demonstrates a perfect blend of Chinese characters and carving. As windows are the channels through which people inside a home connect with the outside world, open-and-shut window frames are used to represent interpersonal relationships throughout the design. Also, as Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day are very close to each other this year, some wedding elements including patterns on the window frames are also adopted, bringing forth feelings of romance. As to the choice of colors, apart from the traditional red and date red, shocking pink and bright orange is added to enhance the overall vitality and attractiveness.