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Galleries // 2015 Spark:Cause // Ultralight Solar Fan Heater

Ultralight Solar Fan Heater


Competition: Spark:Cause
Designer: Kim hyun ju
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: P&D design / MIRO
Website: http://pnddesign.co.kr
Team Members: [P&Ddesign]Jang woo-cheol, Jeon Tae-eun [MIRO]Seo dong-jin

An electricity shortage is a huge problem not only in summer seasons but also in winter seasons. In offices, government offices, schools and other populated areas, most of them use electricity for heating instead of using gas. This causes an electricity shortage in a winter season. Because most of low-income people use electric heater for heating, they are more affected by the raised electric charges. We propose a heating appliance that can raise the indoor temperature by only using solar heat and no fossil energy. Our main focus of design was to enhance the heating efficiency while reducing the weight, so that users can install it easily and get enough warmth at the same time. The surface facing window side is transparent and this lets the sun light through. The black paint is applied inside, and that helps absorbing and switching light energy to thermal energy. While cold air is passing through the pipeline, the air temperature goes up.