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Enough Project Curriculum


Competition: Spark:Cause
Designer: Marc Louis Rosario - Student Designer
Design Type:
Company / Organization / School: Kean University/ Michael Graves College/ Robert Busch School of Design/ Klabs: Design Studio
Team Members: Creative Lead of the Design Studio: Dawnmarie McDermid

Client: Enough Project, founding director is John Prendergast, the human rights activist Project: Strategizing the visualization of information for a teachers guide and curriculum document to accompany the film, The Good Lie. The film/document focuses on the story/journey of the Lost Boys and Girls of Sudan. The objective is to create an engaging document and prompt high school teachers nationwide to use the curriculum in their classrooms to raise awareness of the tragic situation faced by the people of Sudan. Process: Since the story is highly personal and emotional, I knew that the curriculum document and its visualization needed to be personal as well. To achieve this, I used an intimate, illustrative style, so while the movie was playing, I sketched and took notes about the imagery I was seeing--directly connecting both the illustration and design to the emotions I was feeling. The illustrations are symbolic of a particular expressive scene in the movie. The overall design quietly frames the illustrations and clearly organizes the information to be used by teachers.