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Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Ickpyo OH
Design Type: Design for the other 90%
Company / Organization / School: Samsung Design Membership
Team Members: Ickpyo Oh, Jina Kwon, Ahreum Baek, Hongjin Park, Sang-Ok Sohn & Hyeok-jin Choi

[EYESEE, The third eye for low-vision] EYESEE helps low-vision who has residual vision to see brighter only with a smartphone. It consists of mobile application and smartphone case interconnected with the app. A filter named ’SEE' offers various specialized five camera filters to see more clearly. 'OutlineMono' filter makes it easy to recognize stairs providing clear outline in black-and-white screen. 'Impressive' filter is the most comfortable view for low-vision. 'OutlineColor' filter has high saturation and outline helping recognize object easier. 'Spoid' filter is useful to recognize traffic lights by extracting red and green color. ‘Text’ filter is effective to read print with three complementary color contrast. 'MAP' is specialized map with sharing location-based obstacles to avert the risk. Also, 'FRIENDS' gives location of friends and helps find them easily. Smartphone case connected in Bluetooth is designed similar to other cases so it doesn’t seem like product for disabled. There are macro & telephoto lens in the device, so when user zooms in and takes pictures it compensates for the insufficient magnification of smartphone. It is also fitted with four directional infrared sensors so detects obstacles and gives notification to app. Sensor of pendant type is possible to separate from the case and attach anywhere.