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Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Transport
Designer: Nicholas Perillo - Mr
Design Type: Skateboard
Company / Organization / School: RMIT University Melbourne
Website: http://www.nicholas-perillo.com/

The Zenith Hubless Longboard is an exciting new longboard concept. It challenges the traditional preconceptions and form of a skateboard. It literally flips things upside down and inside out with its rising deck and centerless wheels. The aim of the design was to remove all interruptions to the flow of the form as much as possible and develop a new aesthetic for an object that has not changed much since its conception. What enables this streamlined form is an adapted version of a low profile pivot system from Original Skateboards. This also makes the board handle exceptionally well for its length. In between the futuristic trucks is a hand made Canadian maple deck, finished with an American walnut veneer and a Tasmanian Oak parquetry graphic to top off the finish. The rising inverted leaf spring shape, combined with flexible polyurethane glue between the veneers gives this board an exceptionally smooth ride and the large diameter wheels only add to this, rolling over obstacles most boards wouldn’t dream of. The resulting product is something that wouldn’t look out of place alongside the Light cycle in Tron Legacy and Marty McFly's hover board.