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Galleries // 2015 Spark:Concept // Accordion Baby Bottle

Accordion Baby Bottle

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Hyerim Jo
Design Type: universal design
Company / Organization / School: dongseo Univ
Team Members: Hyerim Jo & Se-keun Oh

Parents with visual disabilities cannot read the gradation on a general feeding bottle.If they don’t measure it correctly, the baby who has sensitive intestines will have a stomachache easily.As a result, I came up with the accordion feeding bottle for the people with visual disabilities. As the top of the feeding bottle has the shape of the accordion, it can measure the amount of water accurately depending on the number of the bellows folded.The amount of powdered formula is divided into 90ML to 210ML for the newborns.When the accordion-style top of the feeding bottle is fully spread, it can measure 210ML of water, which is reduced 30ML each time when the top is folded by one space, helping the people with visual disabilities measure water only with the sense of touch. Users can fold the top according to the number of the month of their baby.The parents with visual disabilities can simply mix powdered formula only with the sense of touch by using this product.