2015 Galleries

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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Box Clever Design Team
Design Type: Outside Speaker
Company / Organization / School: Thomas & Darden Inc.
Website: www.bxclvr.com
Team Members: Bret Recor, Seth Murray, Matthew Swinton, Charlie Weber

A high-definition audio masterpiece, KUBE brings incredible outdoor experiences to life. Want to reinvent any space? This stylish, portable sound system goes anywhere and immediately turns wherever you are into a party. In any kind of weather, you can bring people together, amplify what you’re doing and make it unforgettable. Get ready to harness the power of music. A clear, full-range audio system, KUBE pushes 125 decibels (outperforming a typical rock concert) and creates crisp, immersive, professional sound up to 500 feet. That means you can energize any event — from beach party to tailgate, rooftop deck to lakeside dock, even poolside patio to the bottom of a ski run. And while you serve up the fun, you can also serve up the drinks out of the insulated and illuminated storage compartment with 35-quart capacity. Integrating seamlessly with your existing smartphones, tablets — and lifestyle — it will quickly become your new, favorite device. Exceptional Bluetooth connectivity, cordless portability and a 20-hour battery mean you have no hassles, no setup and no limitations. The party starts anytime, anywhere, and doesn’t stop until you do. With KUBE, it’s your music and your moment. Go to www.kubesound.com to find out more.