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Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Joongu Kim
Design Type: First-Aid Kit
Company / Organization / School: Samsung Design Membership
Website: http://behance.net/joongukim
Team Members: Gyeongyeon Mun,Jinsol Choi

Increase of single household, trend of increase in elders living alone and increase of the amount of time children spend on their own following the increase of double income family… There is a gradual growth in the number of people who live alone around the world. The problem is that it is hard to take proper actions for sudden accidents when people are alone. ONE-Q is the emergency kit that anyone can use to find first aid measure in a prompt and accurate manner by just using one hand. When people face urgent situations while they are alone, they can take measures in an easy, prompt, and accurate manner and protect their own bodies.