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Galleries // 2015 Spark:Experience // Anatomical Theatre

Anatomical Theatre

Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Experience
Designer: Stan Boshouwers - partner/founder Tinker
Design Type: Experience design
Company / Organization / School: Tinker imagineers
Website: http://www.tinker.nl
Team Members: Marijn Harteveld (project manager), Paul van Houten (3D designer), Marleen Bos (3D designer), Timo Horst (multimedia developer)

Museum Boerhaave - the Dutch National Museum for the History of Science and Medicine - challenged Tinker to tum their Anatomical Theatre into an essential and engaging introduction to the rest of the museum. Inspired by the fascinating anatomy lectures given by Herman Boerhaave in 1720, Tinker brought the old medical theatre back to life to initiate the audience into the secrets of science. Visitors sit down on the wooden benches, just like students and doctors used to do, and are immersed in a modern anatomical experiencing that timeless sense of curiosity and wonder. The six-minute audio-visual show is played all around the visitor with projections appearing on the ceiling and on the walls. The theatre is transformed into various settings, such as a library. And down there, in the middle, lies a body on which spectacular images are projected by means of video mapping. Skeletons propped up against the walls of the theatre are part of the mysterious sound and light show. It becomes a cosmos for the curious mind, where imagination is king. The eyes of the visitors are lured, from up high down to the corpse on the dissecting table and back up again.