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Galleries // 2015 Spark:Wear // Be Girl FLEXI-PAD & PANTY-PAD


Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Wear
Designer: Diana Sierra - Co-Founder and CEO | Be Girl
Design Type: Women's Health
Company / Organization / School: Be Girl, Inc
Website: www.BeGirl.Org
Team Members: Diana Sierra, Pablo Freund, Maria Paula Navia, Victoria Spriggs & Stephanie Rapp-LeGrand

The Be Girl PAD series exists to support women at every level of the socio-economic pyramid in managing their menstrual cycles with choice, safety and dignity without compromising the environment. Two products comprise this series: the FLEXI-PAD and the PANTY-PAD. The FLEXI-PAD is designed to attach to traditional underwear while the PANTY-PAD provides a 2-in-1 solution for a user that may not have access to underwear. Both products employ a layered design to deliver optimum performance: a leak-proof nylon base, overlaid with a quick-drying, breathable mesh sewn to create a pouch which can be filled to match the user's unique menstrual flow with any safe, available absorbent material selected by the user. The material is stain-proof and can be washed with a 70% less water than traditional cloth alternatives, conserving a scarce resource and minimizing procurement labor. It dries within an hour indoors, protecting privacy and shielding the user from social stigma, while also preventing mildew or other bacterial growth. The reusable nature of the PADs, combined with product life expectancy, supports environmental sustainability, replacing up to 260 disposable pads over the course of two years at a near-universally accessible price for all women.