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Galleries // 2015 Spark:Product // Whirlpool BCD-401 Refrigerator

Whirlpool BCD-401 Refrigerator

Winner - Bronze

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: Zhu Chen
Design Type: General consumer goods and appliances
Company / Organization / School: Whirlpool (China) Co., Ltd.
Team Members: Chen Lingli, Feng Heguang, Ru Jiawei

Innovation 1、Smart IOT System: 10.1 inch color screen with seamless network connection with supermarkets convenient for order and delivery, product upgrades etc. 2、Food Management System: Exclusive patent freshness preservation technology and smart display system manages food through embedded applications. 3、Freshness preservation tech(exclusive patent): NANOMIST frost and Ionization + water spray for moisture and freshness preservation. Usability 1、Freshness preservation tech: Air cooling and frost free technology uses full air cooling and high moisture to prevent vegetables and fruits from drying and dewatering. 2、LED Surface Light System: LED double background surface light system is pleasant to the eyes and belt light is convenient for users at night. 3、Category Storage: Four-door layout with three temperature zones makes storage and use flexible. Craftsmanship 1、Toughened color glass door and high temperature toughened printing panel. 2、Seamless whole touch screen tech (which is leading in the industry), and environment-friendly paint is used in vacuum aluminum plating and alloy brush frame. 3、Vacuum blister nanometer anti-bacteria HIPS liner. Appearance 1、Simple and pure design of Fridge door with LUX array pattern in classical colors of white, gold and brown. 2、Different styles to match different households.