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Galleries // 2015 Spark:Product // GINO Collection

GINO Collection

Winner - Gold

Competition: Spark:Product
Designer: notNeutral
Design Type: Coffee Service
Company / Organization / School: notNeutral
Website: http://notNeutral.com
Team Members: Julie Smith-Clementi, Frank Clementi, Chiaki Kanda, Clancy Pearson

The GINO collection is an elegant and functional system for an essential daily ritual. The intention of the design was to create a pourover dripper that was relatively foolproof compared to popular cone-shaped designs, which require precisely timed pouring and careful temperature control. The shape of the dripper walls, as well as the position and size of the three holes at the bottom regulate the speed at which coffee is extracted so that it is timed to perfection. The double walled glass insulates the temperature of the slurry (the mixture of coffee grounds and hot water in the dripper), ensuring an ideally balanced cup of coffee. The GINO dripper and server are made of borosilicate, a laboratory-grade glass. Lighter than conventional glass, borosilicate is scratch-resistant and will not cloud over time. The server is ideal for hot or cold beverages, as the double-walled glass keeps the temperature of its contents stable, while the exterior glass remains comfortable to the touch and free of condensation. The GINO filters are made from biodegradable paper which imparts no flavor to the coffee. They are denser than conventional coffee filters, trapping fine coffee grounds to produce the cleanest flavor possible.