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Winner - Platinum

Competition: Spark:Concept
Designer: Design Team
Design Type: Pollution Mask
Company / Organization / School: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Team Members: Lau Ka Ki Vivian & Lau Ting Jui

One could hardly notice that you unconsciously breathe 1200 times in an hour. Yet, according to WHO, the breathing experience and quality in condensed cosmopolitan city in China like Hong Kong can be 16 times worse than in New York. The massive amount of vehicles and congestions resulting in poor and even detrimental roadside air pollution, which pedestrians have no means of avoiding when commuting in the city or waiting for transportation. City dweller is forced to intake harmful matter a minimum of 1200 times every day during commuting. The concept of ‘AIVRY’ aims at enhancing intake air quality by transforming the traditional medical product - mask, into a daily or even fashionable health item, as if an eyewear. With a combination of the 3D scan and print technology, a design perfect fit to individuals’ face will be created to suit the best. Wearing a health-related product to prevent the intake of poor air will no longer be as weird as a conventional mask, that covers half of you facial expression and increase social isolation. Instead, AIVRY would be a daily handy companion of city dwellers, enhancing the air quality and still keeping the vibe by easily merged into daily.