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Galleries // 2016 Spark:Cause // FLEXI Apartment

FLEXI Apartment

Winner - Silver

Competition: Spark:Cause
Designer: Felix Jung Hwan Choi, Alan Lee, Sarineh Issagholian, Tina Kong
Design Type: Product and Service design
Company / Organization / School: Art Center College of Design
Website: http://thisisfelix.com

With inflow consistently surpassing outflow, population density continues to rise in major cities. This trend adds to the rising cost of living in urban areas, where people come with hopes to fulfill their dreams. In particular, the staggering rent often remains the top roadblock in the minds of these new comers. Now, however, there is a way to add flexibility to what has historically been fixed with a high price tag. Flexi is a new apartment system which empowers tenants to customize their flat according to their financial planning and needs. Flexi comes with two key features: Room size adjustment and facilities adjustment. Room size adjustment is an option whereby tenants are able to resize their room every month, thus allowing them to change their amount of rent accordingly. Facilities adjustment is another option whereby users can add or remove different types of facilities, so that various facilities may be installed based on the tenant’s preference. Move into Flexi, where you will experience unprecedented control on your major expense items and feel more empowered to fulfill your dream in the metropolis.